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1 quality of being moderate and avoiding extremes [syn: moderateness] [ant: immoderation]
2 a change for the better [syn: easing, relief]
3 the trait of avoiding excesses [syn: temperance] [ant: intemperance]
4 the action of lessening in severity or intensity; "the object being control or moderation of economic depressions"

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  1. the state or quality of being moderate; avoidance of extremes
    America is a model of force and freedom and moderation - with all the coarseness and rudeness of its people. –Lord Byron
  2. a change which improves quality
  3. something which avoids excesses
  4. an instance of moderating; to bring away from extremes
    The virtue of justice consists in moderation, as regulated by wisdom. –Aristotle
  5. self-control
    My God, Mr. Chairman, at this moment I stand astonished at my own moderation! –Robert Clive
  6. supervision; mediation
    The moderation of a large online forum can be hard work.


the state or quality of being moderate; avoidance of extremes
a change which improves quality
something which avoids excesses
an instance of moderating; to bring away from extremes
supervision; mediation

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Moderation is the process of eliminating or lessening extremes. It is used to ensure normality throughout the medium on which it is being conducted. Common uses of moderation include:
  • Ensuring consistency and accuracy in the marking of student assessments.
  • A moderator may remove unsuitable contributions from the website, forum or IRC channel they represent in accordance with their moderation system.
  • A more proactive nuance is found in the Methodist church's use of the term for the heads of its conferences.
  • A neutron moderator is used to slow down neutrons in a nuclear reactor.
  • A way of life started at The American School In Japan by Chaiken of Biology. This lifestyle emphasizes perfect amounts of everything, not indulging in too much of one thing, hence moderation.
Moderation is also a principle of life. In ancient Greece, the temple of Apollo at Delphi bore the inscription Meden Agan - 'Nothing in excess'. Doing something "in moderation" means not doing it excessively. For instance, someone who moderates their food consumption tries to eat all food groups, but limits their intake of those that may cause deleterious effects to harmless levels. Similarly in Christianity, moderationism is the position that drinking alcoholic beverages temperately is permissible, though drunkenness is forbidden (see Christianity and alcohol).
Moderation comes from moderatio [lat.]. Moderation is used in many countries (e.g. Germany) in stead of facilitation. It means to lead groups. Facilitation of Change-Projects, Facilitation of Teambuilding Processes and Facilitation for Conflict Management. A short overview.
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abnegation, boundary, bounds, center, compromise, confinement, constraint, continence, denial, discipline, fence, forbearance, frugality, golden mean, gravity, half measures, half-and-half measures, halfway measures, happy medium, limit, limitation, mean, measure, medium, middle course, middle ground, middle way, moderateness, neutral ground, nothing in excess, prescription, proscription, qualification, renouncement, renunciation, restrain, restraint, restriction, sedateness, self-control, self-denial, self-discipline, self-mastery, self-restraint, seriousness, sober-mindedness, soberness, sobersidedness, sobersides, sobriety, solemnity, sophrosyne, staidness, temperance, temperateness, via media
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